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Eczema and Psoriasis, is it possible to reduce the affliction distress?

Yes it is possible to achieve.

Commonly described by their manifestation of distressing skin itchiness, inflammation, and skin dryness due to an over active immune system  (eczema) or  auto immune condition (psoriasis), eczema and psoriasis can take many forms and can occur at any time on any part of the body, face or scalp.

Many of their symptoms are similar yet there is a significant difference. Psoriasis causes skin to become flaky while eczema does not.

Affliction can be mild or severe. In the latter case effects can be debilitating as the trigger factors can be multiple and they can also evolve. Allergy tests are useful to identify what the likely allergy triggers are so the sufferer can avoid or manage them. In previous articles (* Why do we get skin disorders?)  we outlined many complex factors from imbalances of the immune system to how the  endocrine system can influence why we  develop a skin condition or disorder.

In this article we would like to describe common symptoms of eczema and psoriasis that can occur:


  • Dry and itchy flakes commonly known as dandruff
  • Red and scaly patches
  • Blisters Oozing lesions


  • Blisters Red blotchy itchy patches
  • Soreness


  • Internal surge of an intense increase of symptoms of itchiness and inflammation under certain conditions due to an immune system CYTOKINE Storm causing a very stressful debilitating situation

How Botrem products can help manage reduce symptoms

Our full range of products are able to help in the management of topical symptoms ranging from the most severe to the mildest conditions.

Helpful for holistic symptoms management as follows:

  • Internal stress management to help reduce the acuteness of symptoms flare up
  • Topical infection management to help reduce rate of infection and itchiness
  • Topical inflammation management to help reduce intensity of redness
  • Topical skin hydration and tissue regeneration management to improve rate of symptoms recovery


They can be used individually, together or with other treatment methods to manage and reduce internal and topical symptoms.

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