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How glands disorder can cause skin problems

How it arises

Our Endocrine is an extremely sensitive total body system of major and minor glands (sensors) monitoring the connectivity of our organs. Glands produce hormones which are chemicals that can perform essential for life functions. Inflammation in the specific areas of the body where the glands are located can be a good indication of a health problem.


Hormonal Imbalance

While hormonal instability in men and women may cause different symptoms they do cause stresses that impact the central nervous and immune systems affecting their ability to maintain good health and fend disease.

When our body fails to produce the correct amount of hormonal nutrients necessary for proper hence healthy functioning of glands imbalances occur. Too much or too little hormones for the glands cause their essential function to go in disarray and create fatigue.

Lack of nutrients for one gland will affect the performance of another and will contribute to a domino effect. If left unattended glandular inflammation results in:

  • Lethargy
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of libido
  • Mood swings
  • Flare ups of allergy/skin conditions
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Premenopausal syndromes
  • Development of cancers/tumours
  • Thyroid disorders (autoimmune disorder risks)
  • Diabetes


Adrenal Gland

Found just above the kidney, the adrenal gland produces essential for life hormones like cortisol and adrenalin that regulate metabolism and the immune system. It also produces aldosterone, a hormone that is responsible for balancing hydration and keeping water in your body.

A strained adrenal can cause acne and purplish streaks in the vicinity of the abdomen or under arm. Emotional and physical stress can aggravate the immune system triggering pre-existing allergy with flare ups of skin inflammation.

Most significantly it can make skin very dry. This is likely if the person has no pre-existing allergy, weather condition is not low in humidity and the thyroid function is normal.


Eccrine and Apocrine Glands

The eccrine glands are the body’s sweat glands that are found in virtually all skin. The apocrine appear in select parts of the body as odour producing. As the skin is our body’s largest organ these eccrine glands are in fact the largest group of glands. They release water forming perspiration through the pores to cool the body. Sweating detoxifies the body.

When sweat glands are not working properly, perspiration issues of either sweating too much or too little occur. In the case of apocrine glands, excessive body odour.


Sebaceous Gland (Scalp)

These glands occur mostly in the scalp and are instrumental in helping produce sebum (a small amount of oil) that helps lubricate and waterproof skin and pores. Its imbalance causes either too much or too little sebum secretion causing dry scalp or overly oily conditions giving rise to dandruff or pore blocking making hair lose strength and density leading to hair loss or thinning hair situations.


Lymph Gland (Nodes)

Lymph nodes are small glands located throughout the body. They help carry fluid nutrients and toxins between the body tissues and the bloodstream. The lymph system is an important part of the immune system, our body’s defence system against disease. Its imbalance causes interrupted fluid flow.


Causes and treatment

Glands within our endocrine system are all inter related and necessary to be balanced for good health. It is often overlooked as an underlying cause to many chronic symptoms. This requires time and correct diagnosis to remedy. Consulting a medical doctor or endocrinologist may be able to guide you achieve better understanding for your condition.


Useful note
Botrem Restoractiv products can help rehabilitate dry and acne conditions. They restore hydration and help the skin detoxify by providing high performance skin nutrients that begin with stimulating the eccrine sweat as well as the sebaceous (scalp) glands encouraging these glands to normalise and have proper function. It has a soothing scent that calms the senses and eliminate odour.

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