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Is premature ageing worse than ageing healthily?

What is ageing?

Generally described as the process of getting older, ageing affects everyone, albeit differently yet with similarities. It is normal in the course of life unless it occurs before its time. Ageing affects us physically, psychologically and socially. Medically it affects our health detrimentally by inhibiting normal organ and joint function, reducing our mobility and quality of life. As this occurs the pace at which we can conduct our daily activities slows down. There are many factors that contribute towards ageing, some we can directly do something about to manage and delay its affects while most are outside of our control.

Managing ageing requires a holistic approach. How we manage what we eat, conduct our lives, address our health and how accepting we are of many things that we are unable to control affect how ageing afflicts us. Our genetic makeup or early life trauma can affect our daily lives from functioning normally, how one responds to this can make one’s quality of life better or worse, less or more distressing too, affecting one’s outlook on the ageing process.

Having a positive attitude towards life is an elixir contributing towards feeling good that singularly ensures a youthful outlook in life no matter what stage in age you are at. You may be old but still sprightly and full of zest for life or young age wise but afflicted by ill health due to lifestyle issues.

Feeling good is a varied and relative experience. It can range from the physical to the psychological and peak at the spiritual level. When you are able to experience this at all three levels you will discover peace at being with yourself and realise a most profound sense of wellbeing.

Ageing then becomes a journey to gain wisdom, no longer a destination for decay .It is a powerful and empowering state of mind for the body and soul.


The ageing process

The ageing process can be delayed but cannot be prevented. Healthy lifestyle activities of regular exercise, eating well and good stress management can contribute towards slowing down the process. Similarly consuming appropriate health supplements, recommended by doctors, in particular the omega group of oils can contribute towards the maintenance and rejuvenation of our cellular structures as they aid their maintenance. At the medical forefront of scientific knowledge, stem cells infusion do repair rejuvenate and renew our health and body too.


Premature ageing, how does it occur?

This is an affliction of disease where the ageing process sets in before its time. Due to lifestyle factors of smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and exercise compounded by a diet rich in saturated fats and sugars lead to the increasing occurrence of early onset of diabetes, dyslipidaemia (high in cholesterol and triglycerides), hyper tension, stroke and heart attack that can cause failure of our major organs.

While general blood testing will indicate which parameters require medical attention, hormonal imbalances of our endocrine system can also cause inflammation of our glands contributing to premature ageing too (How our glands effect our skin). Medication prescribed for long term consumption to treat health conditions may cause side effects that can contribute towards faster ageing too. This applies when the compounds of medication are not able to be processed by our liver and kidney hence making the body unable to digest and expunge them from our body contributing to the accumulation of toxins within our body that will worsen the health condition over time. (Healing crisis: Is it a crisis or a process towards healing?)

Premature ageing causes our organs to face undue stress and deteriorate at a faster pace than normal ageing. It can cause one to be easily fatigued and pained, possibly causing early depression.

Outwardly this can also cause our biggest organ, which is our skin to suffer early onset thinning of the epidermis which is the upper most layer of skin (Why does skin need nutrition: the Integumentary system) that causes wrinkles and skin dryness. Excessive exposure to sunlight can also cause premature ageing and dryness of skin (Why do we get skin disorders?)


How to prevent premature ageing?

  • Ensure our major essential for life organs like our heart liver and kidney are in good health by looking after the triggers that can cause them to be inflamed and have accumulated residue and toxins.
  • Healthy life regimen of regular exercise and eating natural foods well, this is the primary sickness preventive measure
  • Normal functioning ofdigestive and endocrine system ensures toxins do not accumulate within the body
  • Medication has to be kept at the minimum and if consumed should be for the shortest period as possible. However those with chronic medical illness need to continue medication as prescribed, they can improve their quality of life by engaging in regular exercise and a balanced diet. Lifestyle changes should be made when one is younger and more able to so bodily stresses and triggers of unhealthy habits can be reduced. If this is possible to be achieved then reliance on medication will be less and on the short term.

When premature ageing factors and triggers do not factor in one’s health at a young age, then the ageing process is normal and graceful. This ensures the highest possible quality of life at any given age.

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