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Why does skin need nutrition?

Nutrition vs. Diet
Have you ever been confused between the phrase healthy nutrition and healthy diet?
Is there a difference you may ask?

There is an important difference between the two, although they relate to the same focus.

Nutrition is the study of what our food contains, how our body uses the food nutrients and the relationship between dietary intake and preventing disease. Diet is what we consume. While a healthy diet may mean consuming healthy ingredients with a specific health criteria, it doesn’t directly correlate to healthy nutrition if the body cannot metabolise and make use of what we eat.

This may lead to health issues.

Similarly for healthy skin, the same principles of nutrient absorption and metabolism apply when using products to care for our skin.


Integumentary System
Nutrition is the basic foundation to skin care¹. There are foods that help strengthen the integumentary system which encapsulates the relationship between our skin and its internals as illustrated below.

This essentially is the system that connects our skin with our hair and nails to our glands. Its proper functioning ensures our skin which is only millimetres thick, is optimally strong to protect our body from external threats and injury.

Eating white meat, fruits and vegetables as well as increasing water intake are general principles to follow to improve the condition of your skin.

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